15 Coastal Aqua Blue & Green Paint Colors You’ll Love

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All About Aqua

Aqua is a serene color reminiscent of the beautiful blue-green waves of the sea. Aqua, Latin for water inspires a feeling of peace, and tranquility, and calms the senses. This breezy color is a great choice for decorating your home because it’s bright and cheery, and brings feelings of happiness and well-being.

Shades of aqua blues and greens are known to have a relaxing effect conjuring up tranquil ocean vibes that make any space feel instantly calm. No wonder this paint color is used in so many coastal-style homes.

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Light and airy blues and greens are natural colors that are easy on the eyes. They remind us of the colors in nature such as sitting and looking up at the trees or looking out over the ocean on a beautiful day. There are many shades of aqua from light to deep that pair well with neutral tones such as whites, creams, greys, wheat, and yellow which make it a great choice for interior design.

15 Coastal Aqua Blue & Green Paint Colors You’ll Love

Aqua Blue



How To Use Aqua Throughout Your Home

Drawing inspiration from the sand, sea, and sky, coastal paint colors help you bring the serenity of the beach into your home. I have picked fifteen of my favorite timeless aqua blue and green paint colors from Sherwin Williams. It’s my favorite paint because I used it to transform my entire home.

See the Before & After Home Transformation here.

Did you know that choosing the right paint colors for your walls can have a positive effect on your mood and reduce stress and anxiety? Studies have shown that watery blues can slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. Subtle shades of green are soothing and comforting. These shades are mostly used in bathrooms to create a spa-like feel and in bedrooms to create a cozy feeling of zen.

You want to choose interior paint colors that give your home a rich personality. Remember to create a color scheme that matches your home’s furniture. Use these bold, bright blues and soothing green colors to refresh your home.

Aqua Blue/Green

The key to using coastal aqua paint colors is that they should blend seamlessly from the outdoors to the interior. You can use aqua to paint the entire room. kitchen cabinets, or paint a feature wall to add a fresh pop of color to any room in your home. Remember to choose a color based on how the room will be used and the mood you want to establish.

For example, choose dreamy coastal colors for the bedroom to help you sleep and brighter aqua colors for accent walls, smaller rooms, or children’s play spaces. If you are going to use any of these colors to paint the entire room, I recommend using Sherwin Williams Extra White or Highly Reflective white on the ceiling, trim, and molding.


Aqua Green

Aqua has always been my favorite color ever since I was a child because it reminds me of the beach. It’s what inspired me to create this blog and it just makes me so happy! I hope you enjoyed this post and these colors do the same for you! For more coastal decor ideas see: How To Decorate With Aqua

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