Beach Cottage Style


No Beach house? No Problem! Hey, we can’t all hit the lotto but why not create your own cozy beach style cottage? There is something magical and soothing about the colors of the sea. Just seeing those colors in my home makes me very relaxed and happy. I have always loved the beach, as a child I spent many summers by the ocean. Growing in Connecticut we are surrounded by countless beaches, lakes and rivers. The water is just part of my soul and I can’t live without it! If you don’t already know, my favorite beach quote is “My Heart Will Always Be In A Cottage By The Sea!.” If that is you, then the following blog post is also for you.

For the last 5 years or so I have been collecting and saving some of the best home decor looks on Pinterest! It’s anyone’s go to guide, plus if you don’t have a Pinterest account, I recommend that you get one and start saving your ideas. It makes decorating and planning a home renovation that much easier. If you don’t want one, you can always follow me for more inspiration. I love that beach house look without all of the kitsch and clutter. I also love the new Coastal Farmhouse look that is trending. The good thing is that you don’t need lots of money, you can even do this on a budget.


Before deciding to paint, I often visit Home Depot and check out the “oops section.” This is the land of mismatched colors that are refused by customers for not being perfect. These paints are deeply discounted, but still brand new. For example, I bought a $25 gallon of Behr Paint and Primer in a pretty shade of sandy taupe for only $7. I often check back and stalk the paint section just to see what’s new. Don’t forget to use your Pinterest app on your phone to match colors. You can keep an unopened can of paint for years. The only drawback is that if you have a large project and you run out of paint, you may need to buy more at full price, but you can still have it matched to your exact oops color.

How To Choose Colors For Your Home

Start by thinking about your favorite beach and how happy it makes you when you’re there. Next time you visit take a picture, or browse online for photos of your favorite beaches and colors. Remember to keep it simple. Then “Chip It!” Sherwin Williams has this awesome app where you can match any of your favorite colors by uploading a photo to their website. I am not an affiliate, but I am obsessed with their paint. Below is an example of “Chip It” It’s very easy to use, plus it leaves no room for error when choosing colors.

“Chip It” by Sherwin Williams


You can also choose from one of these soothing coastal paint color palettes below instead.


Now that you have chosen a gorgeous color, its time add some nautical elements to the room such as lanterns, sea grass baskets, flowers, candles, sea glass, and shells.


These elements pull the room together and make your home feel cozy and relaxing! Here are some more of my favorite coastal ideas for every room in the house below.

Here are some casual beach styles.

My favorite kitchen looks!

My favorite bath looks, I also love Shiplap!

Another big trend is the Coastal Farmhouse

I hope you enjoyed browsing these images, I plan on buying and renovating my own cottage someday soon, but until then I will continue to look for inspiration on Pinterest. When I buy my new home I will share my renovation journey and money saving tips with you.