The Driver Era Concert 6.11.23

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I recently attended The Driver Era Concert at The Greek Theatre on June 11th. What I didn’t know at the time I purchased the tickets was that they were making a movie! This was the first concert I had ever attended since moving to LA and I have to say, I had the time of my life. Seeing The Driver Era live was surreal! I am a huge fan of the entire Lynch Family!

 There is that Ross Lynch can’t do, he is a multi-talented singer, actor, athlete, and pilot. What I love most about him is that although he has millions of screaming fans around the world, he remains humble.

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The Driver Era

Image Credit: Ross & Rocky Lynch

Who Are The Driver Era?

If you don’t know who The Driver Era is, let me update you. The Driver Era was formed in 2018 by brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch. Both are former members of the Pop Rock sensation R5. Their music genre combines Alternative Rock, Alternative/Indie, and Contemporary R&B. Their music is produced in their garage which was turned into a studio at their home in LA.

The entire family is multi-talented! Ross is the lead singer with Rocky playing lead guitar. Their older brother Riker sings and plays bass guitar. The youngest brother Ryland is the DJ, manager and is also in charge of lighting and sets. Their sister Rydel Funk occasionally plays joins the band playing the keyboard. Garrison Jones also plays the keys with Dave Briggs on the drums.

Inside The Greek Theater

Excited fans stood in line for over an hour in anticipation of seeing the show! Just before the evening, the entire theater was packed with screaming fans, and the show was sold out! Mostly everyone bought lots of Driver Era Merch before the show.

Everyone’s Favorite Cowboy

Brothers Ross & Riker Lynch

Ross Lynch is everyone’s favorite cowboy! Some fans bought and wore cowboy hats to the show, just to throw them on stage! Before the show hearts were given out to the audience to hold up when in the air while singing their favorite songs.

Ryland Lynch and Ross’s close friend and co-star Calum Worthy from the show Austin & Ally introduced the opening band Almost Monday. Rainy Rodriguez was also in the crowd sitting only three rows just behind us! I was lucky enough to get third-row seats!

The show opened with the song “Feel You Now” with the audience screaming the whole time while flying camera drones hyped up the crowd even more. The audience was singing in unison under Ross’s direction while clapping, jumping up and down, and dancing for most of the night.

Ross Lynch Is A Force!

The Driver Era played nonstop for almost 95 minutes. This man is a force and his energy and stage presence is unmatched! Ross is very sexy, and he can dance! You can feel the energy from the stage. He will make you scream and dance! I was up dancing the whole time and by the end of the night, I lost my voice.

Ross cannot take off his shirt, jacket, or touch his hips without most of the audience gasping, or losing their minds! The funniest part of the night was the girl next to me almost passing out the moment Ross looked out into the crowd in our direction! He has that power! haha

There Was An R5 Reunion!

R5 Band Image Credit Disney Music

To everyone’s surprise, there was an R5 mini-reunion with former band member Ellington Ratliff joining the band on stage to perform the hit “All Night”. I was so excited to see this because they are no longer together as a band and I thought I would never get to see them play! Sadly I was not able to take a snapshot of the band on stage.

There was a very touching moment when Ross gave a shout-out to his parents with all five family members and the band on stage and you could feel the love between them! The night ended with an amazing light show as they sang their high-energy hit “A Kiss” while colors flashed across the screens.

The Driver Era is currently touring and performing at festivals in Europe. You can check their website for 2023 US tour dates @ If you get the chance,  go and see them live! I promise you will have a great time! I’m a fan for life, I can’t wait to see them live again, and especially to see the movie!!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy Summer!


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