I Moved To Los Angeles!

I Moved To Southern California!

Hello and welcome back!  I’m so excited to share about my move to Los Angeles! It all happened so fast that I honestly can’t believe that I live here now! It’s been about two months and I’m all settled into my new place. As you know from the last post I sold my dream house, but I kept my plans to move across the country a secret. Only my realtor and my neighbors knew.

The reason is I have always dreamed of moving to the West Coast. This was the biggest and boldest move I have ever made, so I wanted to be sure that I was making the right decision. I didn’t want the opinions of others to affect my decision. I had never been to California, not even for vacation! I know it sounds crazy to up and move to a place you have never been, but I needed to be brave and believe that I could do it.

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The main reason I moved here is the weather. I love it! I was tired of shoveling snow and winter storms altogether. Connecticut (famous for its Nor’easter storms) is beautiful but it’s generally cold and gloomy for most of the year. As a beach lover, the weather situation was no longer working for me. I could only enjoy the beach for about three to four months out of the year.

On many nights while I was snowed in, I watched countless YouTube videos about California and began planning my move. There is a lot of helpful information on there about how to find a place to live, how to choose the best neighborhood, the best beaches, and things to do.


My Journey Across The Country

Flying was not an option for me because of my anxiety and the possibility of being stuck in an airport forever. I wanted to go on an adventure and do some soul-searching. I considered driving, but after watching many videos about taking the Amtrak Scenic Trip Cross Country, I booked a ticket! My first train was from New London CT To New York’s Moynihan Train Station.


The next train was from New York to Chicago’s Union Station, but the best trip view was the scenic Amtrak Southwest Chief from Chicago to LAX’s Union Station. The sheer size of this train is breathtaking! The entire trip took three days, but I wanted to see the most beautiful parts of the Midwest such as the deserts, canyons, and stunning mountain views that you won’t see on interstate highways.


The ride was very peaceful because you could just sit back and take in the views. I was lucky that my train attendant spoiled me the whole time by bringing their amazing lunch and dinner to my room instead of having to go up to the crowded dining car. I really just wanted to enjoy my trip in solitude. Here are some pics that I snapped along the way from my Amtrak Roomette.


Finally Arriving In Los Angeles

The minute we arrived and I saw California’s stunning palm trees, I knew I had made the right decision! It was a long journey to make solo, but it was also really fun. I met so many nice people during our station stops along the way!

California Is Still Absolutely Beautiful

Despite the negative media attention, Southern California is absolutely beautiful. There is so much to do here and you will never get bored. There are so many natural sights, beaches, scenic destinations, and weekend getaways that will make you feel like you’re on a permanent vacation. I chose to live in the San Fernando Valley. “The Valley” has great weather and gorgeous mountain views.

Night View Of The Valley

I love waking up here! There are nice cool breezes in the mornings which is great for exercising but by the afternoon it gets pretty hot.


I Love The Beaches!

Weekends are for exploring different parts of California and I absolutely love the beaches. I’m slightly obsessed with Santa Monica because it’s the closest to me being only thirty minutes away. The PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) has some of the most stunning coastline views I have ever seen.

Santa Monica


8 Things You Should Know Before Moving To California


If you have never been to California, here are some things that may surprise you.

  1. The culture is different. People here are very relaxed and laid back. You don’t see many people rushing or walking fast like on the east coast. Most stores and restaurants open up around nine or ten am.
  2. The food is different. California is very strict when it comes to food regulations. Most of the food here is clean and minimally processed, even in fast-food restaurants. Everything even tastes better!
  3. You will naturally lose weight. The first month that I lived here, I magically lost twenty-one pounds. I’m not sure if it was the heat, the change in environment, or the fact that California’s food has fewer chemical additives. I swear I wasn’t dieting at all!
  4. People mostly eat outside. The weather and views are so amazing that you’ll want to eat outside! If it’s too hot there’s also plenty of air conditioning inside. On a chilly night, there are heaters outside to warm you up.
  5. People bring their dogs to restaurants. I was really surprised to find a dog sitting under the table at the restaurant but lots of places here allow this.
  6. The cost of living is high. You can expect to pay around $2000 for a very small but decent one-bedroom apartment. Also, most landlords are really strict and want you to make 3-4 times the rent and have a 700 credit score! Which probably explains why there is a housing problem.
  7. There is a huge homeless crisis. It’s hard to see people living on the streets in any state, but it’s more common here. There are dangerous areas that we are told to avoid by the news media. I rarely see any homeless people in my city, however when I do, I always try to help. This is frowned upon by Californians because of the safety risk, plus many have mental health issues. As someone who has been temporarily homeless before, I can’t just walk by and ignore someone asking for food or help. I always help, keeping my safety in mind. Besides, homelessness can happen to anyone! See: How The Beach Saved My Life
  8. The traffic is insane. I have never seen so many cars and lanes on one highway! It can become very overwhelming and the roads are sometimes confusing. Eventually, you will get used to it but be very careful driving here.

Follow Your Dreams!

If you are thinking of making a life-changing decision or moving to your favorite place, make a plan and do it! Life is too short to have any regrets!

There are so many adventures on my bucket list. I’m so happy that I moved here because I’m having the time of my life seeing, exploring, and discovering new things. My chronic illness has taught me to live a fearless life and try new things.

I know God lead me here because I have a mission to complete. I’m pretty sure that it’s to help the homeless. Even if it’s one person at a time. That’s how we change the world! Visit my shop if would like to help, all proceeds go towards helping those in need.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that I have inspired you to follow your dreams! Thanks for reading!