5 Delicious Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

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5 Delicious Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

The Holidays are here! I’m so excited that I have already put up 4 Christmas trees! Thanksgiving this year lands on November 25! Would I dare skip Thanksgiving? No way, it’s almost Turkey Day! It’s what’s served for Thanksgiving in 82% of American homes. We love this tasty bird and we have 5 tasty and delicious ways to cook one, paired with some of our favorite recipes from around the web. Check them out!

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Traditional Roast Turkey

When you want to cook your turkey the classic way, follow the advice of my favorite, Alton Brown from The Food Network. Roasting a turkey is easy as pie. Make sure your bird is thoroughly thawed and follow Food Networks timetable for roasting poultry.  Cook Mr. Tom until his skin is golden brown and your thermometer reads 165 degrees. Alton’s advice on roasting turkeys.

Smoked Turkey

We love roasted turkey. But we also love smoked turkey. Get out your wood chips, get out your grill, and get out of the kitchen to put a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving bird. Josh Vogel’s smoked turkey recipe courtesy of Food & Wine has a step-by-step video to help you perfect the process. Smoking can be time consuming, but it’s worth the wait. You can also make your smoked turkey barbeque style, Cajun style, Tex-Mex style, and more by swapping out the seasonings to suit your taste.

Brined Turkey

Brining your turkey is a simple way to help make your bird more juicy, tender, and flavorful. Brining gives your turkey a good cold saltwater bath before you cook it to help to retain moisture. There are many recipes for a brined turkey, including this one from Martha Stewart, another on of my favorite celebrity cooks which is easy to follow. Just make sure you leave the recommended 24-hour time for the brine part.

Deep-Fried Turkey

Deep frying your bird can make the skin super-crispy and the meat super-juicy. This method of turkey cooking is not for the faint of heart however. Set up your fryer outside, away from houses and cars. Keep children and pets away from the deep fryer. Follow all the instructions on your fryer and don’t leave your set-up unattended. And , of course, make sure your bird is thoroughly thawed. The end result is one of the most moist delicious birds you will ever make!

Beer-Can Turkey

Smoking isn’t the only way to grill a turkey. Beer-can turkey involves placing your bird upright on the grill with an open can of beer in the cavity to keep the meat tender and juicy. However, Emeril has a different spin on the traditional beer can recipe that you cook in a vertical roaster on a BBQ pit. Instead of using the can, pour the beer in the inner well of the roaster and put the turkey on top where it can continue to moisten while cooking.

I hope you enjoyed these Turkey Day ideas, what other menu items are on your dinner list? Why not check out these next 2 delicious recipes to add to your holiday meal. See my go to holiday recipe for savory New England Corn Pudding & Sweet Potato Souffle. Let me know what you think!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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