Before & After Guest Bedroom Makeover

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Get ready for a miracle bedroom transformation! When I bought my 1947 ranch a year ago, my guest bedroom was literally the ugliest room in the house. It’s also one of the largest rooms in the house and was painted a horrible dark purple-ish blue. Even the baseboards were painted in the same color.



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The first time I came to see the house with my realtor, I remember joking with her about the guest room and naming it “the purple room of doom.” She remarked at how the room would be a challenge, but the house had good bones and it just needed a little tlc. Surprisingly I was ready for that challenge!

I was in love with the home’s layout and it felt big and spacious. But when it came to the guest bedroom I would just keep the door shut as if it was not even part of the house. This continued for about 6 months as I worked on other paint projects.

After transforming the rest of the house I decided it was time to tackle that room. First off I want to say that this room took months to complete. There was a huge water spot in the ceiling, holes in the wall and countless nails and screws all over.


The funny thing is each of the four walls was a different texture and material. Now that’s challenge! One wall had wallpaper, the other panel, the other is drywall and one plaster. I thought how in the world can I transform this room into one cohesive space?

First I want to say that this was a complete diy project. The first thing I did was prep the walls by removing all of the nails, screws and wallpaper. The next step was spackling all holes and sanding the walls to a smooth surface. Then it was time to prime the walls.

My first stop for paint and supplies was my local Sherwin Williams store. After explaining my dilemma and then showing them a picture of the “purple room of doom” they recommended their Multi-Purpose Interior/Exterior Latex Primer/Sealer.

This stuff worked amazingly on all of the different wall materials! I was so excited to finally have somewhat normal looking walls!

Next I chose Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Paint. Since it was such a large room I wanted a cozy, calming color that would compliment the rest of the houses beachy theme. I was shocked at the transformation! The ugliest room in the house became one of the prettiest.

My next job was to tackle the baseboard heater. I considered replacing them but then decided to try painting them instead. It took three coats of Rustoleum Ultra Cover White Paint to hide the hideous purple-blue. I’m very pleased with the outcome and the savings were around $400-$600 dollars.

Now that I had a perfect beachy blank canvas, it was time to decorate! I added a Pottery Barn bead board bed and a simple white nightstand from Homegoods. I didn’t want to add too much furniture and clutter the room.

Now I have a beautiful guest bedroom that anyone would actually want to sleep in.


Homeowners, you don’t have to spend a ton of money! With the right paint colors and a little bit of time and patience, you can makeover your dream home. Do not be afraid to do it yourself. Anything that you want to learn how to do it is on the internet!

I saved lots of money just by choosing the right paint colors, taking my time, and not hiring a painter. I do believe if there is something that you cannot do, like scary plumbing or electrical projects (hire a professional).

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to do your own paint projects, see my related blog post: Everything You Need To Know About Paint.


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