Why The Beach Is Still Good For You During This Pandemic

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Hello beach lovers, this post is definitely for you and for those avoiding the beach due to Covid-19 it may be somewhat controversial.

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When summer began, I was horrified when I saw on the news that authorities in some cities began closing the beaches due to coronavirus. News reporters scolded people for going to the beach claiming it was dangerous. Americans angry at other americans for having fun simply because they could not get to the beach or were afraid to go themselves. We all know how the major news media lies, as many fake overcrowded beach images were plastered all over the news channels. Even cities that have no beaches were featured in the news as having beaches that were packed. Really?

You have to ask yourself why is okay to go to Walmart and stand in line packed in to conformity while trying to remain six feet away from each other as “essential employees” completely ignore the six feet rule while guiding you into the store, and hand over a cart that they have supposedly cleaned and touched?

I want to thank the wonderful and good essential employees for their service and bravery, but I don’t feel that their health was protected at all. They were simply thrown into this virus madness just like the all of us deemed “essential. As someone who worked in the healthcare industry; I was torn between protecting my health and not wanting to leave my job because our patients needed us.

As a beach lover and someone who depends the ocean for my sanity when life becomes too overwhelming, I decided to do some research. It’s been proven by science that the beach is actually still good for you improving your physical and mental health. Here is why:

  • It supports your immune system– stronger immunity means your body can protect itself better from disease.
  • It relieves stress and has the ability to trigger a psychological state of calm and contentment. Right now we are living in very stressful times and the beach is the best escape, (especially from the news).
  • It’s good for your lungs– Studies have shown that there are therapeutic qualities to the salty ocean air that have helped lung disease patients as well.
  • It has healing properties– Ocean water helps with allergies and sinus issues. It can also heal skin conditions and wounds while improving skins elasticity.
  • We really need more vitamin Sea– It clears your mind and restores your soul.

So why on earth would the anyone recommend avoiding the beaches especially during a time when we need it the most? I firmly believe if we all used a little commons sense and truly remain six feet apart from each other, we will be safe at the beach and not need a mask! Do not fear the beach but embrace it, know that you will be okay. If you still don’t feel safe, take drive by the ocean and just park by the water. At least get out there and enjoy the waves and the sea breeze! You can thank me later. Stay safe and God Bless.

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