Welcome 2020!

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Welcome 2020!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Congratulations, we made it to 2020! It’s been a while since I have posted, but that’s because 2019 was full of challenges that followed right into 2020. First, my printer died or technically stopped printing in color. On the same day that I was given a new printer as a Birthday gift, my favorite (one and only) laptop died! I am not one to run out and impulse buy new electronics, so I tried to have it repaired only to learn that the hard drive was gone and no data was recoverable! There went my $30 in stock photos purchased and my some of my beloved photos.

Now I know those things are minor compared to what’s going on in the world right now. For some people the holidays (thank goodness they’re over) are a tough time to get through. Especially if you aren’t surrounded by loved ones, don’t get along with family, are facing health issues, have recently lost a job, or are simply alone. During the Holidays the media continues to bombard us with images and scenes of a perfect life of health, wealth and family. if you are facing any of these challenges, it can be hard to feel like celebrating.

Remember It’s perfectly okay to take some alone time for yourself.

So here is a fresh new year, ready to be conquered. I’m sure it will present it’s own set of new challenges, but you will make it through. Your past has brought you to the place you should be and life is all about lessons. I want to encourage you to focus on your goals, continue fighting for your dreams, and try to make amends with loved ones. Unlike my computer and my printer, they are not replaceable. Take the lessons of 2019 and turn them into wisdom, and forgive yourself for the mistakes.

Last year I learned that nothing is stable. Not my job, my electronics, or my health. This year has taught me that you should always have a back up plan, especially for your computer! (haha) After much hesitation, I bought a new computer and I love it! I learned to let go of the old, welcome the new, and keep moving forward!

I’m looking forward to the this year, the lessons, the blessings, and the journey! I wish you all peace, success, and a Happy 2020!

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