What’s In Your Wallet? Everyone Know’s Thanks To Capital One!

Hello Everyone. If you are one of the 100 Million Capital One Customers affected, then this post is for you. I am also one of these unfortunate customers, and I’m very angry! I hope this post reaches the top executives at Capital One, as if they even cared! The reason I know they don’t care about their customers is because I called customer service to find out some answers and guess what? They had none! All they could say is “We are still investigating.”

Are We Really Secure?

First off I want to say that most of their customer service representatives are overseas, so they couldn’t care less what’s happening here in America. They are just happy to have a job. So here is a list of questions you may want to ask yourself and Capital One’s customer service before trusting them again. 

  • Why are secured card customers the only ones affected? Are we less important than regular credit customers?
  • Why are there different security regulations for non secured customers?
  • How do we really know that they caught the woman from Seattle in time?
  • What if she has already sold our information and will be sitting on a nice payday when and if she is ever released from jail?
  • What is Capital One doing to prevent incidents like this from ever happening again?

I am seriously considering transferring my balance to another bank, and cancelling my credit card with Capital One. If you have a secured card, Capital One is pretty smart about having you payoff the balance before getting back your security deposit. Why not just apply it to the balance owed? That would certainly speed up the process of closing the account, and of course they don’t want that! I also am not very happy with the lax apology statement from Capital One’s CEO quoted below.

While I am grateful that the perpetrator has been caught, I am deeply sorry for what has happened,” said Richard D. Fairbank, Chairman and CEO. “I sincerely apologize for the understandable worry this incident must be causing those affected and I am committed to making it right.”

See the full letter here: https://www.capitalone.com/facts2019/

I’m sorry, but 100 Million people affected is just too many, even one person is unacceptable. To these corporations and CEO’s we are just numbers! Numbers that make them money! After about two weeks of seeing all of the bad news in the media, Capital One posted this downplayed link on their website: Learn more about the Capital One cyber incident. That’s it? Really? They forgot to tell customer service about the incident too.

I also found out that Capital One lied to me in the very beginning when I opened up the secured credit card. Yes I needed to rebuild my credit. (Don’t judge me.) I had thousands of dollars of medical bills cleared away from my credit report and settled with 3 hospitals after becoming chronically ill. I thought it would be a good idea to use a secured card to rebuild my credit and lift my score.

They lied to me by saying that as long as I paid my balance on time every month for six months I would be eligible for a credit line increase. Well they kept that promise, and I did get a slight increase. But then only one year later when my pet was sick and I requested another increase, they told me that secured cards are not eligible for increase. I have never missed a payment with them in three years and there was no notice to this policy change!

I am really starting to like Dave Ramsey’s idea of closing all of my credit cards and putting a permanent freeze on my credit reports. He also says that the debtor will always be a slave to the lender. Now i can see why. As long as you owe money to anyone they can basically do whatever they want.

These companies can no longer be trusted, in fact this whole incident is just another reminder of the Equifax data breach. In September 2017, the credit reporting agency announced that breach compromised the identifying information of over 143 million Americans. Personal data like Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and addresses were accessed. How can we really keep ourselves safe if the very company’s that house our data are subject to hacks themselves??

Just the fact that I had to hear about Capital One through the media first  was enough to get my blood boiling! One week later there were still no answers, and for that Capital One, YOU FAILED MISERABLY! I will also include a list of ways to protect yourself online, if that is even possible!

Capital one makes millions of dollars in interest and they can’t even use some of that money to protect the people they rip off! Should you payoff all credit cards then close them? It’s up to us to protect ourselves, and here are the best ways to do so.

As a Capital One customer, and someone who worked in the banking industry for over seven years; I felt it was necessary to share this information. I felt the need to point out the lack of security and just plain carelessness practiced by some of these major financial institutions today. If you can close your account or transfer your balance to another back consider doing so. Once the big financial giants start to lose most of their customers, maybe they will pay better attention to the people that matter, instead of the bottom line. I know this first hand.

Does anyone remember First Union National Bank? They were certainly giants when I started working there many, many years ago with banks all across the eastern seaboard.

Now they are non existent! Do you see where I’m going with this?

Now I Definitely need a day at the beach!!!

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