10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


Today I’m going to do something different. I’m going to reveal 10 things about me you may or may not want to know, but hopefully you do. In my previous blog one thing I never did was share anything personal, but in doing so I also didn’t connect with my readers. It’s still hard for me to open up because I was a shy kid growing up, but I still made friends easily. Well… I’m still kind of an introvert, so here goes the list. Maybe you will be inspired.

1. I’m a nomad. Yup, I’m kind of a free spirit. I like to spend my time roaming the beaches of Connecticut and just about anywhere near the sea. I don’t like to stay in any one place for very long because I get bored easily, My friends often ask me “Where are you living now?” I think it’s kind of funny but why should anyone just stay in one place all of their lives? There is a whole big wide world out there to discover! Plus I believe that travel broadens the mind. You can learn so much about people and different cultures. To me that’s real living. My free spirit used to get me in trouble when I was younger, like skipping school to go to the beach! Thank goodness I never got caught because the beach really is my happy place!

2. I’m a Goofball. I really believe that laughter is the best medicine! People often tell me that I have a twisted sense of humor but I would rather laugh than cry. At times I often find inappropriate things really funny or laugh out loud at the wrong times. Life is too short to go around being all serious all the time. When I was younger, (Like in my late 20’s I spent way too much time working instead of living life and and having fun. I didn’t know it then, but life needs balance, so laugh more and take vacations often. Remember to make time for your friends and family because you won’t want to lose that bond. 

3. I battle a chronic illness daily. This one is a little bit interesting yet complicated. I was diagnosed with Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis in my early 30’s. I had plans on becoming a nurse, but life had a different plan. So here I am. I wouldn’t change a thing because my illness made me who I am today. Plus I am also and advocate and I enjoy helping others who also battle with RA. The beach blog is basically the escape from the reality of my daily battle. Make no mistake this disease will NOT win because I am a true warrior! I am stronger than I have ever been. So if you also are battling chronic illness, I want to let you know that you are not alone and you can reach out to me anytime.

4. I am an author. No, I’m not a millionaire lol, but I did publish self-help books related to living with RA and one children’s book just for fun. Of course it’s about the beach. I believe in the importance of teaching children about keeping the ocean clean. Now if only we could get the adults on board. I started writing as a hobby and before you know it the books were created, and then that lead to blogging which is something that I really enjoy doing.

5. I am happily single, never married and no kids! Yes, you read that right …happily! I do have a wonderful man in my life, but If I were married, I couldn’t be who I wanted to be and do what I love. I used to regret not getting married and starting a family, but as I got older I realized that I am free to follow my passion. I am not saying that you aren’t free if you do have a family though. In fact I desperately wanted children, but my chronic illness did not allow it. Plus it wouldn’t be fair to my kids to have a mom who is sick all of the time.

6. I once lived in Puerto Rico. About fifteen years ago, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. I decided to quit my job and explore the island of Puerto Rico. Everyone thought I was crazy and some people were just plain jealous, but it was the best thing I ever did. No I am not Puerto Rican; but at that, time “La Isla Del Encanto” had some of the most perfect and beautiful beaches unspoiled by man in the world. So I went exploring. I have no regrets! Just great lifetime memories. I took a one year sabbatical away from the american lifestyle of working, being worried about bills, and chasing the almighty dollar. I only left because I was homesick for Connecticut, but I did try to bring back the entire island in my suitcase! HAHA! Of course I carefully saved and planned for my trip. If you need and escape, plan it but then do it. Life is too short, plus now that I am chronic my travel is limited. I am so glad I did it when I was young and healthy! After seeing the video below, you will know why my favorite color is Aqua.

My Favorite Beach

7. I am bilingual, and I like to hide it. I speak Spanish as a second language. Not perfect Spanish but I did learn a lot while living on the tiny island of Puerto Rico. I also had great friends who taught me the language. The most valuable lesson I learned was how to slow down and appreciate life. I like to hide the fact that I speak Spanish because it’s nice to listen to see what others are saying about you…and then if they say something bad, you can let them know you understood perfectly! Haha Gotcha!

8. I want to move to London. Yes, I want to move to a place that I have never been, but I am too scared to take the 7 hour flight. Okay, I’m a chicken. I would have to move there because If I hate the flight going over I already know I’m not coming back. It just looks so beautiful and I want to explore the beaches of Great Britain! The history, The Queen, The Architecture, The Cotswolds, it all looks so amazing! I want to see Liverpool! One day I will get the courage to go, but until then there is always Pinterest! lolol

Castle near The Sea in Great Britain

9. I’m a “Huge Beatles Fan”, and in another life, Sir Paul McCartney is my husband. Okay, there you have it! I shared my celebrity crush and fantasy life! Haha! Oh how I wish I was born in the 60’s. Check out the funny video below, and Paul in his prime! I still see that same gorgeous man in his eyes now! I think women will swoon over him until he’s 100 years old. At least I will… If you don’t know who “The Beatles” are, then you are too young for this post!  If you want to know who they are, see my post about “Why I love The Beatles and you should too! Oh and by the way, they are the reason I want to go to Liverpool England!

Young hot Paul McCartney

10. I’m an animal lover. Especially DOGS! I have a soft spot for dogs! I just lost my precious yorkie-terrier mix in April of 2018. Ever since then peoples dog’s walk up to me to give hugs and pet them. It’s weird because it’s like they know that I am still grieving her loss. I firmly believe that animals: (all except for snakes) are a gift from God. BTW snake lover’s I’m sorry but those things just terrify me! But, I do love and appreciate most other animals more than ever. If you have recently lost a pet, see my article…..Surviving The Loss Of A Pet.

I hope you enjoyed reading these 10 silly things I shared about me. If you can relate to anything here I would love to hear from you, and remember to “Be yourself because everyone else is already taken!”- Oscar Wilde

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  1. So loved this – I am a kindred spirit – I can answer and relate to all your 10 points except married twice/2kids should not have – went Oxford love London but rather be in Oxford. Lived in Puerto Rico for 3 Years – amazing – most of all – beaches

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