“My Summer 2019 Movie Review”

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Do you ever go to the movies alone? For A while I struggled with going anywhere by myself, but now I love it! If you have never gone to the movies alone, I dare you to do it, you won’t regret it!  “Just for fun” Here are five movie reviews of some the Top Summer Movies I have seen. My favorite types of movies are either Horror or Action, so here’s a warning; there are three horror movies on this list, and I promise no spoilers!


The Fast & The Furious Present: Hobbs & Shaw

This movie is a blast! Not only is the casting excellent, but what more do you need when you put “The Rock” and Jason Statham together? I love the way their two complete opposite personalities play off of each other and you will too! First off I want to say that while I am not all “gaga” over Dwayne Johnson’s muscles like most women are (don’t shoot me), I like soft squishy men. But I have to say I really did enjoy his acting.

Hobbs & Shaw is so awesomely packed with action you will be hanging off the edge of your seat. I found myself holding on a couple of times lol, along with some other people in the theater. People were shouting and clapping, and throughout the whole two hours, and not one person got up to use the restroom because they didn’t want to miss anything! 

Idris Elba is perfection at playing the sexy villain, and the stunts are just amazing. I have seen at least six of the “Fast and Furious” series and I really enjoyed this one. I give it 5 stars and I am going back to see it again. I came out of the movie theater all hyped up and ready to fight, but then I remembered that I hadn’t taken any karate lessons, so I would probably get my butt kicked! Haha!  If you like action, hold on to your seat, because there’s definitely plenty of it this movie!


Annabelle Comes Home

Oh Annabelle, you little creepy doll, you should never be let out of your glass case!  (Really!!) If you know anything about the history of Annabelle and the movie series, I can tell you that some of it is true. The fact is, Annabelle is a Raggedy Anne doll. (I owned one just like her as a child), not that porcelain nightmare you see on the screen. I actually live and grew up in Connecticut (love my creepy beautiful CT) and although I never met Ed and Lorrain Warren I always heard about them, (thanks to The Amityville Horror) and I was saddened by her recent death.

I think this movie was a quickly made tribute to her which made it quite predictable. I also think it was a warning for people looking to get their hands on The Warrens collection now that they are both gone! Although it was a fun night out, the pace of the movie was just too slow. There were a couple of good scares, but it didn’t live up to the other Annabelle movies, so I give it 3.5 stars. The only thing that really scares me is that now that The Warrens are gone, is “Who is going to keep their cursed collection locked away from the public?” We don’t need any those objects getting out! Especially not Annabelle!



Ok, let me start off by saying that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this movie. I have seen the trailers thinking it was possibly a superhero movie, but boy was I wrong! More like a superhero from hell. This sweet and innocent baby comes into this couple lives, and … well… I will leave the rest alone if you choose to see it to avoid spoiling it.

I love Elizabeth Banks, and as far as I know, she doesn’t make any bad movies which is what prompted me to go and see it. Her acting is excellent throughout the whole movie, in fact I did enjoy it, but critics gave it some really bad reviews (which I always ignore) because if I like the actors in it, I’m going to see it anyway. It’s kind of gory and wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, so I will give it 3 stars. 


Avengers Endgame

Attention Marvel Fans!! All I can say is wow, what an amazing three hours of pure entertainment with just about every Super Hero and a cliffhanger ending that I didn’t see coming. Packed with action, I did not miss one minute of this blockbuster. This is one movie that the adults and older children will enjoy as well, with a positive message of  love, duty, honor, and loss making the characters legendary. I give it 5 stars, and plan to buy the DVD!



Ari Aster is one twisted person. (no offense to him) I had seen his other movie Hereditary last summer and frankly was scared enough not to want to go back to see it again. (Yes it was that good) but I’m not sure how I feel about Midsommar. I never want to see it again… in a bad way and thanks to Mr. Aster, I never want to go to Sweden. To be fair to the Swedes, the movie is set in such a beautiful place with lots of sunshine and daylight, it makes you think “What could be scary about that?” Everything!! Kudos to Mr Aster for making us afraid of the day light!

Midsommar is a real Swedish Festival. Just not the horrific pagan cult that was portrayed in the movie. It does make you think about some of the true pagan traditions that are even scarier! I honestly don’t even know what to rate this one because I left the theater in shock at what I had just watched and feeling like I need Jesus. (not sorry non believers!) Besides, after talking to some of the other movie goers, they felt the same. Warning, this movie will really mess with your mind.

Going to the movies all by yourself is a great escape! Not only do I enjoy spending time by myself, but I meet lots of other people in the theater who are alone and also enjoying themselves. I find that during a hot hazy day, instead of sitting home blasting my air conditioner, I would rather be in a nice cool movie theater instead. I should add that I recently have had a lot of free time on my hands since I quit my job.

See my post, Confessions of a Serial Quitter!

For many years while I was single, I was actually afraid to go alone. The first time I did, the confused look on the cashiers face when I ask for just one ticket didn’t help. Haha! But I overcame it and now I have a great time! They say that movies are a nice escape from reality. I hope you enjoyed reading this because although I am not a professional movie critic,  I hope I at least made you laugh!

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