Why You Should Try Poppy N Rye!

Poppy N Rye in Taftville Connecticut

It’s no secret that New England has some of the best bakeries in America. I recently discovered this little gem hidden right in my own backyard in New London County. Let me tell you why this is my new favorite place. When you first walk through the door you can smell an assortment of ultrafresh handmade breads being baked. Look over to the left and there is a proud gentleman quietly kneading dough with a smile on his face! ( I admit I was too shy to ask him for his name and photo). On the right there is a wonderful coffee bar waiting to be discovered, and right in front is this wonderful assortment of fresh baked goodies screaming at you to try them all.

Upon my first visit to Poppy N Rye, a woman greeted me with a smile and said “What would you like to have today?” My first thought was EVERYTHING, but then I kindly replied, ” Oh, I don’t know yet.” It was truly hard to decide, because I wanted to sample every item in that case! (sorry fat girl moment!)

The sights and smells instantly made me happy with it’s bright colors and super friendly staff. I feel like I am walking into a homey, family atmosphere and the dining room is just the same. I feel welcome, like I know that whatever I choose to eat that day is going to be great no matter what it is. I decided to have breakfast and then take my treats to go. I chose bacon egg and cheese on a heavenly fresh made sesame bagel, and cup of fresh brewed iced coffee.(shown below)

Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwich

My to go item was a Lemon Poppy Scone. I have had scones in my lifetime, but never one so light and flaky as this one. Let’s just say the scone never made it to go. I sat back, enjoyed the atmosphere and ate every bite! I also tried the Cranberry Almond Scone on a previous visit and it was just as delicious. In order not to gain about 300 pounds I have decided to pace myself and visit once a week to try something new. The Iced Coffee was pretty great too!

Fresh Baked Lemon Poppy Scone

I will update this post as soon as I return. If you are ever in the neighborhood, or just passing through Connecticut be sure to make a stop here and pick up something tasty for your journey. You will be delighted by the friendly staff, and the food is amazing! Check out the menu here at http://www.poppyrye.com They have cupcakes, pastries, cakes and all kinds of bread. They also have an assortment gluten free items. Let me know if you get a chance to visit what items you tried on the menu.

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